Friday, January 11, 2013

Empty plates, but full hearts!

#grateful #expectant #fasting2013
 (P & F: church family's annual Prayer & Fasting)
In awe at how humility (in prayer and consecration) can actually be so enabling... as it sets aside self-reliance, allows what's bigger to take control, pours undeserved favor, guides in finding life-changing truths...

The act of trusting God* above our own instincts is a challenge at times in a society that often dictates otherwise.  But witnessing how that* has done beyond wonders to people's lives... gets me sold out. 

If there's one thing, though vague, that I could mention about my 2012... is that a part of it had to do with sacrificing the good for the best... Not that it was too easy. God had & has been so generous with securing me, and reminding how all things go well for those who love Him...

The promise of greater days ahead as we each can be a work in progress keeps lighting me up... and that's certainly a job I wouldn't want to resign from. :)

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