Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gong Xi Fa Cai / Happy Chinese New Year to all!

I'm not one who typically craves for Chinese food (on occasion, maybe steamed seafood / vegetable dumplings, which is almost always a great idea; plus red bean / green tea ice cream). BUT, when it's served right in front of me, I recognize goodness...

I was asked on Instagram how many plates we had. Well, it was a baby dedication and blessing as well, and the family pre-ordered an insane abundance of Chinese specialties. Dim sum, soft wonton bundles, siew mai dumplings, tender prawn meat, noodles, a variety of rice dishes, Peking duck (of course), little crowns of crab roe, buchi balls, chicken and vegetable spring rolls, delicate parcels of steamed meat, sea food... I've lost track of what was which. Honestly, I could easily have been happy with tofu / fresh cucumbers and rich hoi sin sauce. But there is a divide between happiness and bliss. This was bliss.

On ambiance: my favorite part was the 1970's inspired lampshades circling the ceiling in the secluded area of the restaurant. It would be lovely to have an art-filled private dining room setup someday. Elegant choice of bright shades of red contrasting pale antique silks and embroidered hangings...

I do have mixed emotions on the painting (above) of hardworking women. I kept staring at it (as I like watching details) and I wondered if they gain a worthy trade off from what they sacrifice, if their efforts are fulfilling not only their needs but others as well... if they want to tell me something. My mind travels.

The China ClubRadisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek, Dubai, UAE
Open daily. 12.30-3PM, 7.30-11PM (04 205 7333 / 7444 for info & bookings)
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