Thursday, February 7, 2013

Insta Collage

My schedule has been insanity lately, filled with juggling tasks and sorting what I must in preparation for an indefinite work trip. (I even went to church in tekkies! I mean, sneakers... to move quicker right after, somehow.) But I haven't forgotten my so-called beloved blog! Just haven't had some proper maintenance time... I'll definitely try to make up for it in the following posts.

Reuploading a few happenings in the past week with my Insta (&/ the public part of my random dailies at least)

> 5:20AM - Organizing a few things for a moody person. Learning a lot about #commitment... & feeling like I've developed beyond the fair amount of #patience I'd expected to gain within a time span --but not yet all that I need. #Life in progress is exciting! What are we supposed to be later on? I wasn't as enduring before. #Change is fun!  

> An eggplant in #DubaiMall! // Literally recovering from a shock... I was taking some work calls at the waiting lounge, then this woman sat next to me & the long leather seat broke! Is it me / do these occurrences just love following me... // #ootd #americaneagle #mango #reiss #tiangge #haha

> BBC reports #HansBrikner #Amsterdam to be the worst hotel in the world. // Pebs, Kara: Apparently, the place we ran away from has a contender. <Brainstorming while walking uphill in the cold with our bags & trolleys-> K: "regret looking out the window view..."; A: "girls, I don't mind sleeping on the ground. But the last thing that was on that bed, was a dead body!"; P: "I can't even fit in / call that a 'rest'room??"; A: "this is punishment for all my sins"; K: "used cotton buds under the pillow :(("; P: "I think I've a solution; A: "if all else fails I'm sleeping in McDonalds" // :)) Oh, memories. 

> Studies* show that people who consume chocolates on a regular basis tend to be happier... // *my studies :p (#lindt #lindor #hellow #darkchocolate #dessert #bliss)

Have a productive but mad weekend ahead! ;)
Traveling Eater on fb:


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