Monday, February 18, 2013

[Not] Death by Chocolate

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After posting, "Still feels like I'm dreaming... Dear friends, PLS. come to Dubai & help me indulge? #hazy #reality #deathbychocolate // I don't even use these terms, but when I was opening the parcel last week, I was like, "dying, dying..." Haha, then, "where'd that come from???" Major Royce Nama Chocolate review coming up on TravelingEater (#sigh #thankya)" via fb... I realized I wasn't comfortable with using that kind of sarcasm. Not only does it lack refinement / intellect... It could be insensitive and offensive.

Death is a serious matter. I don't intend to stop joking or be all perfect with my wording...  But I'm reminded to be extra cautious with what I listen to, & when I speak sarcastically. There's no harm in trying, but possibly in tolerating...

Although my close friends know how too crazy I can get... There's a line between having fun and being crude. And harsh vulgarity is not something I am really into. (I just had to address that.)

Well, on these awesome chocolates... I was Liking every Royce related photo I noticed on my fb News Feed with a little twinge --I've been craving for these for months. Then suddenly, without asking, a thoughtful friend sends all this straight from New York! My response actually had very far to do with dying, I might've associated it with fainting as I was in such high spirits being so happy.... I literally unboxed the package on the floor. (Yes, I've opened each to taste... Reviews to come later on.;) 

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