Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rugged Valentine's

Before Feb., or another February, ends... 

Some people's residence... I bet they don't show that part of Dubai on your television!
Usually the Burj Khalifa and luxurious skyscrapers make it to the screen, and rarely the more authentic side of the city where the majority is located.

V Day '12 // My morning consisted of attempting to half myself back and forth to my boss' villa, the embassy, the shops, the office, while on the phone... Cray day. And I suddenly had to pack for a trip from 10 P.M. while waiting to [seriously] talk to my boss --who arrived at 3A.M., and I never left his side... until my 7 A.M. flight.

But in between that, unrealistic as it may have seemed, I was actually able to spend Valentine's Day... with three dates! (?)

In the middle of paper signings at the office, I asked a male colleague out. Also because, he keeps skipping meals; and I keep getting this inner cringe whenever I'd notice how overworked and under-appreciated this quiet, kind man is. (I see him like a grandfather.) Told him to choose any restaurant that would make him happy, and apparently... it's McDonalds! I initially doubted him but eventually realized that that was really it... And it was there where I had one of the most meaningful work-related but out-of-work conversations so far. That's all I can publicly say about it.

Later on, while rushing with other tasks, a friend picked me up... literally demanding that I stop doing any more. But I appealed, and made a few last calls after he answered his own work phone. A call center inside the car. Apparently we have excellent focusing skills. So we just tried to finish some errands together, got a bunch of good-bad take-away food, watched a movie, etc... My last option, really, was to prepare for & be in a fancy restaurant --which can be done on any other less-hectic evening. Realized when I was already at it, that all I wanted was to chill with someone I trust, without talking or thinking much... Simple.

The next man I had to face was the one who calls me "face". (Hehe, it's SB, my secret boss.) I'm not nearly comfortable talking about this (& all of the above), but I figured to make it a go... as recording even a vague portion of it could be the only way to help me look back on my lessons eventually or remember certain stories I may / may not have to tell my future children. This modern lifestyle is fast-paced, somehow making our minds unretentive of memories that matter...

Anyway, I mentioned earlier that I waited for SB. General Protocol: he's not to be approached, instead, he's to summon you before any interaction. But I broke the rule (after constant prayers), accepting it could possibly have been the first and last --while holding on to Psalm 56:3 (When I am afraid, I will put my confidence in You...). 

Amazingly, our "talk" resulted to be substantive, defining (of my current purpose), and lasting than I'd anticipated. Not something I can specify here. But it has influenced why I chose to stay and endure this insane industry... For that moment, I am profoundly grateful.

Well, that's part of it! And about only what I can give away. What happened to this recent Valentine's? We might have to wait another year.

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