Sunday, February 3, 2013

Taughin' it up!

 It was so nice catching up; listening to updates & too many random stories... I initially drove out to quickly inquire in the money changer, but ended up going home around 3 A.M. #ThisSpontaneousLife

Realized that it was definitely past closing time all the more when Charis a.k.a. Inco tried to relieve her palabok craving from Razon's... and she was given all the pancit palabok they had left! HAHA. (Recipe linked)

P.S. Helena is so kakagigil!!!

(Mel's Hermes clutch, este... dot dot dot. Hehe, ang ganda kaya!)

Post-supper tea is usually a nice idea, if I have the willingness to go to the kitchen and heat water, etc. etc. Haha... not hard to do, it's just that around then, before bedtime, I'd have already showered and put lotion on my feet. Hence, would prefer to stay within my room parameters... Wait, who am I being defensive to anyway! Well, whenever I do end up making that tea and it's TWG, I enjoy it -heaps. Also because of the aroma it releases, especially with flavors that has verbena herb.
SB* seems to be inescapable, even tea can remind me of him! E.g. that incident we were organizing his international parcel delivery of TWG, literally in life-size boxes. In between the stress of him wanting to get the sorting over with, a colleague uttered, "They recently opened in The Dubai Mall." Then, of course, SB turns to me with haughty eyes... like I'm to blame that TWG decided to have a branch of their Tea Salon & Boutique in U.A.E. 

*secret boss ;p

"Shall we consider going to Starbucks?", said Dan.
We went to Coffee Bean instead. (And this cafeteria. I didn't notice what it's called.)

(In semi connection to my previous Instagram post
Carla: "Ang taf taf mo Arx, grabe... O sige nga, spell taf!"
Arky: "T-A-U-G-H, taugh!" ^_^

- yung kaya mo pang tumawa kahit ang gulo ng situation (haha, imbento)
- the act of being able to laugh at & in the midst of unreal, crazy, or difficult circumstances
- tough + laugh (It's not rocket science really, you instantly got it, right? If you did then yey, we're part of the crowd that doesn't think with ordinary minds:)))

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