Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cheesy Tuesday

7 Recent Out-of-Nowhere Texts from Bachelor Mates:
"I need protein"; 
"Starcraft's taking too long to load"; 
"Ey, we broke up. I'm free!!!! Hoho yea... No seriously, Skype? Confidentially in pieces"; 
"P-p-p-party at _. GO. Stop this friend zoning, & doing your laundry on a Thurs. night";
"Check her status now!!"; 
"She's hot, but no good... Then there's me, tall, dark, handsome, loaded, oh shoot it's my body she's after"; 
"Driving through for fries at 3AM"

HAHAHA! I've such entertaining male friends... was most moved by the last, so I made Cheesy FRIES. #yummeh

What I Did: 1) Rinsed fresh potatoes repeatedly. I didn't peel it, because I like the skins --it's nutritious as well 2) Sliced them vertically 3) Soaked in ice water for approx. 30 minutes to remove starch, keep it from sticking together, make it crispier 4) Drained then dried the potatoes with a paper towel 5) Deep fried in olive oil; while adding minced onions, parsley, oregano, & other herbs 6) Heated Cheddar and French Cream Cheese together in the microwave oven, while carefully watching the fries to avoid over-cooking 7) Sprinkled pepper on the melted cheese, added tomato ketchup as an alternative 8) Ate happily

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