Monday, March 18, 2013

Tranquilized. (Alone Time)

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Tranquilized. In the solace of these 4 corners... Keeping calm in prep for the hectic days ahead. // It's just me, here -this Carpaccio of Beetroot, Tomato Gazpacho, warm bread and butter platter with eggs- against the world. // #calm #daze

*Tomato Gazpacho (with shellfish) --Chilled tomato gazpacho with tian of king crab guacamole and lobster tuille

*Carpaccio of Beetroot --With crisp buffalo mozzarella and pesto sandwich micro greens and creamy truffle dressing

I was craving for beetroot. And it was on the room service menu. But this wasn't even worth it. Too oily, I had to remove the beetroot from its mozzarella covering. I could have just opened a cold can of sliced beets. However... The gazpacho was fantastic. I'd order that again. And I'm reminded how much I'd love to tend a tomato plant in my future backyard.
Etc.: It takes a lot to annoy me. And this never used to be an issue, since I'm usually thrilled to have friends barge in my place... But I've been battling over some "Arky versus the door" situation. Although I "seem to" have adjusted to it (as my work often classifies anything as urgent) it really is an inappropriate violation of privacy... So unless you're a delivery boy or an expected guest, you have some truly significant news, / we're in the good to best friends category... it's simply civil to call first. Thanks for understanding.

Currently listening to: Slow Jamz (by Twista & Jamie Foxx) It suddenly played on my shuffle after like 12 hundred years.