Friday, March 8, 2013

Wear Your Stripes

I'm not really one who strictly follows trends, as I usually like going for pieces that not everybody is wearing. But I am aware that stripes is huge this season. And it makes sense (as long as you don't overdo it and be mistaken as Hamburglar), the basic style travels well as it transcends location, whether your destination is New York, Athens, or in this case, Dubai.

Accompanied a friend to check a shop in Dubai Mall this week, and decided to go via outdoor route, towards the other side of the mall to avoid crowd, and ended up having some quick photo sesh... HEHE... while debunking the fashion taboo with an OOTD* that breaks rules of combining patterns (striped top & rounded necklace). *Outfit of the day

Green and pink aren't even in the same "fashion color wheel". But for me, green matches most, if not all, hues and tones. Just like leaves complement flowers of any color.

 Thank you, Cly! For capturing my candid shots nicely... Naks. LOL :>
Finally, the pathway from the Metro Station, Burj Khalifa Stop, to the mall is accessible.

Old couples holding each others hands is a beautiful sight.
Speaking of which, here's a special video you might want to see:

 Ordered Za'atar bread with cheese on my way home... (Middle Eastern spice mixture made from dried herbs including basil, oregano, thyme, dried sumac, savory, sesame seeds, etc.) This one's a good deal, I often get from the grocery (Spinneys / Waitrose) for around 3AED /Arab Emirates Dirhams (or 36PHP /Philippine Peso, depending on the dollar value -which hasn't been working in favor of OFWs, by the way). If you prefer to dine out, this kind & better versions of it would be at least 6x that price range. Worth the try!

I was about to appreciate the norm of skyscrapers in Dubai when all I could notice was this bird flying, away from the flock, around the Burj Khalifa (tallest man-made structure in the world, at present)... Pretty interesting.

Anyway, on my attempt to being a fashion police (no, not really)... The great rule is... "no rule!!!" (*throws confetti everywhere*). HAHA. Kidding! (Frankly, my outfit here was nothing complicated. I didn't expect the impromptu shoot. But it made me wonder how else to have fun with my other stripes...) Stripes can act as the base of a variety of ensembles. Could be entertaining to find inspiration on the good that you see and personalize it... Enjoy.

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