Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stress Relievers (+ Video)

Surprise! We're in one country... (Photo credit: Tash)

 I won't even recap and detail on how hectic the week has been (work trip; not complaining, just stating a fact). On my last night in Singapore, my body was dictating me to rest, while my mind was telling me to invite some special people over... The two just can't seem to get along sometimes. And regardless of time restriction... I'm so glad I got to see their faces --my effortless stress relievers! Thanks for coming over. <3

Grand Hyatt, Singapore

 I could only wish that we delivered a video that made more sense... Haha! Oh well, it's done. None of these was planned and we thoughtlessly recorded 4 minutes of a random happening in the bathroom. Fun, sneaky, night.

Scary. Weird. Normal. ...a few of the looks we were trying to achieve. LOL

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