Saturday, April 27, 2013

The crescent moon smiles.

 The crescent moon smiles. ( night with K526:) 

Philippines. No place like home.

More often than not, the finale of having a cherry in a cold beverage is... happiness.

Wild Berry Pandowdy: Mixed berries blanketed in a buttery Top Crust. 
Served with Premium Homemade Ginger Ice Cream

Perfect dessert for the evening... I'd order this again. Well, berries as ingredient / food on its own is usually appealing to me. This one was a bit jammy... but a brilliant mix with ginger ice-cream. 

When I'm back in Dubai, I plan to create some recipe, inspired by this ginger (+ a little vanilla) ice-cream, that could be a palate cleanser in between meals --minus the spiced pie baked in a deep dish... Hope it works.

 M gave her an... unconventional (haha, cute, actually) love-ring as a temporary replacement for her official (stunning, by the way) engagement ring as a dare... also to see how long she can take it. To our amazement, it's been months, yet she hasn't stopped wearing it. SWEET.

Almond Joy: Malibu Rum. Almond Liqeur. Irish Cream. Fresh Milk. A blend of coconut almond, and milk chocolate flavors. It's even better than the candy bar. // Hudson: Chivas Regal. Lychee. Almond Liqeur. Blue Caracao. Just like the river, there is a good mix of flavors floating around. And just like the river, if you're looking for water you came to the wrong place.

Earlier Insta excerpt from On my way to see The K... Finally found clothes that I don't have to iron... Pain-Night! Can't move my arms without aching... Driving slowly but surely... #omw #podium @k526, #wait-for-me #ahe
 --glad I made it, regardless. Great seeing you after this long day... ;*

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