Friday, June 21, 2013

Current Jam

Having this merienda now while thinking about renewing my A Small World Membership, and explaining its pros to a friend in a rather professional manner (over the phone, yes, I multi-task). His response, "(unimpressed) Just sounds like a really expensive, exclusive hookup." // Noooo... (irritable shrug)

This is my jam! // Toasted wheat bread with butter & St. Dalfour's cherry, raspberry, or strawberry jam (preference in that particular order) // You mean music? Py - Polyethers (Prod. Maths Time Joy) // Happy Weekend!

On my June playlist... These are different versions, but I play the above track 4 seconds before the one belowFuzzed out electronic synth about freshly cut flowers and the sparkling summer sun... I guess it's unusual to listen to songs simultaneously. But I pretty much agree with my friends that there's not many that's too normal about me. 

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