Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sushi craving, satisfied

Nice catch-up over sushi night after work with this princess... At last, we're in the same city again!

(Omatesando Roll) Baked scallop over california roll with spicy mayo 
+ (Twisted Salmon Roll) Twisted salmon with crispy salmon skin, ikura and cashew nut 
Sake salmon sashimi 
= Yumness ;D

Chill place, good interior... The idea of old wooden ladders interests me. I might need just one in my future home --to hang things on the rungs and make it functional, or as is for design purposes in a loft space. 

Palate cleansing drinks:
Red Pineapple Punch: cold soda-based drink with genadine syrup poured over fresh muddled pineapple
Kiwi, Lemon & Curacao Punch: refreshing soda drink with kiwi fruit juice, lemon, and a kick of curacao

Social House (Downtown Dubai) // Cuisine: Pan-Asian

One of today's takeaway: "We may choose to cling to something that is dying -- & die with it.
Or, we may choose to release that thing that is dying in our own lives so we can start over again." Joel Osteen 

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