Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Where did time go...

Watched Man of Steel
Wanted to pick up stuff at the toy factory (but just ended up playing); 
Went to the Fashion Show at World Trade & felt fabrics for the love of it; 
Cooked Pesto Pasta w eggplant at Casa Asuncion while their parents were in Qatar... 
Now, where did time go...

Savex, Dubai, FashionME / Middle East

Reply to a friend when asked about the movie, which will only show in South Africa 2 wks. from now: 
I liked it a lot, would watch it all over again:) though somehow feeling like there's a little something lacking but maybe it's just the (irrelevant) inner-humanly-discontent-expectation speaking in me:p overall it was awesome. 2 wks is a crazy long time!

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