Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ibiza Lessons

"Flashback from my 1st Ibiza trip: 

I was walking behind SB in the crowd, then he suddenly (without a word) throws his phone backwards for me to catch. It obviously shattered on the ground... 

SB: "This is your lesson! You're supposed to be alert! Watch every movement! What if I'm signaling? What if a man comes after me? What if......... (& it went on until we got to the port). T,T  #ahe // But this photo was taken tonight :> #IslandBound"


On another note, YOU do have to be careful in downtown Ibiza. Never take your drink off your hands in parties. It's common for PRs and other people to drop in drugs / pills. I'd discuss it personally, there are many reasons why... Well, enjoy but BE CAUTIOUS. It's less wild and more authentic in the isolated areas. I'd personally choose elsewhere.

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