Sunday, September 1, 2013

This 1 makes me smile (Malta)

HB: "Who do we bring from them?"
SB: "Face is better nuh... We bring her. She traveled with me for many, many years, she never gave me problems...
Aaawww... :,) Excerpt from a story* my colleague told me.

When did Secret Boss start being sweet anyway, & why now... (#Face #Faith #YoungLady #YoungGirl #Hello --Some of my names.:)) 
July-August '13 trips have been exhausting, but this 1* makes me smile inside...

P.S. Beautiful ruins. I'm LOVING the simplicity here in Valletta, Malta. Especially after coming from flashy Montre Carlo. Its low key, unpretentious vibe is soothing... regardless of how constant my workload is. I'm so happy, thankful. 

Traveling Eater on fb:


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