Sunday, September 1, 2013

Upper Deck Terrace Chat

(Watching a tender / small boat get off the yacht, with a now ex-colleague) 

Male Colleague: "Resigned after just 3 days..." 

A: "Well, she knows what she doesn't want.
MC: "At least she resigned, it usually takes a week to get sacked." 
A: "Or 2 to get out.
MC: "Very few can handle this. It's not her fault." 
A: "Somehow, its craziness has a way of drawing me nearer.
MC: "Too risky. And you shouldn't have to sacrifice love life for this." 
A: "Who's talking about that.":)) 
MC: "Why do you think capo (SB) transferred you to this shift?" 
A: "Look, I know I was being followed that time, it's only now I'm ever bringing it up because I didn't wanna be defensive about it, not doing anything wrong...
MC: "Oh. Anyway, good she got out. When we leave, after all this, we're not normal people anymore."
A: "I chose this, & don't regret it. But sometimes I wonder if some of the sacrifices were worth it."
MC: "First, let me tell you this, it's not worth it." 
A: :)) 

Our opinion can't always agree, but I have to say I do value hearing frank, honest, straightforward answers

#novel :p

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