Saturday, October 26, 2013

This is not a party!

"Better view of The Great Wall of China // SB isn't used to seeing me smile with teeth. My work #look is unimaginably serious. Anyway... #Memories! // We usually sneak to take photos, but this historic moment, it was an order to... :/ 

1st try - SB: "Where's your camera? (Before I answer) Bring it out! I know you want to take photos!" I chose a spot far from him & asked 1 of us (entourage) to shoot. Then SB screams, "She... is smiling? Hello! Close your mouth, the air will go in! You will get cold!" #notkidding #haha #awkward; 
2nd try - Tried to hide from his peripherals, let my hair down... SB: (Spots me, goes down the stairs, briskly walks toward me yelling) "Tie your hair! This is not a party!" 

#whateverido #noescape #crycry #hahaha #icant"

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