Monday, January 13, 2014

Dubai Sunset

"First thing early morning, #SB asked in a groggy manner, "The #sunset, when..." I answered, "Sir, around 6 PM". Under the impression that he was dreaming / whatnot, since it does happen, I eventually left & the day moved on from that bedroom (not office / outdoor) setup. Little did I know, he revolved his entire day's activities around that 6 PM that I mentioned. I realized when I was helping him sort things to bring; SB: "Finish up, I'll be late, you said 6 PM maghrib (an evening prayer for Muslims)"... In my mind, "#Maghrib???!!!!! No one said anything about maghrib!" So I immediately called a Muslim friend (as it changes by the day; & that's a quicker option than this Internet now). 

Then I had to do it... to tell him it's 5.35, in between his panicking & not finding a bunch of misplaced things --that only he knows about, & of course I have to #MAGICALLY know about. Sure, he was angry. But I had to come clean & didn't want him to look stupid showing up somewhere with the wrong info. We continued preparing, & in each minute, even in the elevator, he kept whispering, "5.35, 5.35..." (I think this isn't solely my fault, but anyway... 

#WelcomeToDubai --#hahaha #secretboss #thislife #FACEit #pun)"