Monday, January 13, 2014

Breakfast for my dear Secret Boss

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"Was just about to step in for a night shower when SB called for me, so I rushed back & worked for a few more hours... The morning after, he wanted a quick BREAKFAST (8 AM) BEFORE BEDTIME.

Since calling the chef & getting him here would take longer, & knowing that they both just want to finally sleep (including me, really), I made #SB's breakfast myself. He finished it. Didn't realize he was looking when I grinned, until I got the "you're not supposed to be smiling this early, & why, but I don't want to know the answer" look...

It was because of a flashback from cooking, multi-tasking, talking (going slightly mad #hehe), "Eggs, better put yourself together. This is a very important man. We want to make him happy. Bread, stay hot. Salad, I know you don't care, but just, work out... [...]"

** THE GOOD... & the NOT SO GOOD. When your boss trusts you... so much, that he needs you to do final rechecks even after others have already rechecked about 10x, & relies on you to do almost anything #anytime. (Taking notes to remember this #FastLife that's not meant to last forever.) P.S. He's smart, notices everything. I think he knows when the breakfast is made by me. He has a look for that. But that's another #novel."

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