Saturday, January 25, 2014

Excerpt from my late grandmother's diary

Unfolded a paper hidden between #old #photographs & found a treasure-- excerpt from my late grandmother's diary... 

"Way back earlier in 1945, with the opening of Silliman University, I had the surprise of my life when I unexpectedly met a familiar figure of one student newly-enrolled in Silliman University in the College of Law. 

For some years before World War II we were among the young people involved in outside Sunday Schools of the Cebu Christian Center. A bit shy then but was an active participant in our meetings and programs of our Church. 

We then excitedly reminisced old times and talked about the possibility of adopting the same program at Silliman University. I noticed, he had shed off his shyness and was more talkative and open. His constant presence resulted in our marriage three years after on May 11, 1948. As a result, we are now a big family..." <3

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