Monday, January 13, 2014

Packing it

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"Packing for my dearest #SB who told me to "put it in the red"... Normally this would've been a no-brainer, except, all kinds of red, including pink, up to the darkest shade of maroon to black can be "red" (in his vocabulary). Not to mention, which size of that pouch (if it is a pouch, which one must magically know as well)...

No questions please, unless you want to agitate him & put wrath upon yourself + anyone else he'll encounter that day. I've laid hands on this medicine to be in its right place! :p And no, "Redin" has nothing to do with color, instead, more about radiance & a means of transportation.

DON'T EVEN try to connect the dots because human is expected to. Me, efficiently pulling through tasks in my job (which I <3 anyway) is a miracle in itself. #secretboss #secretthings #pullingofhair #lovingoflife #HAHA."

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