Monday, January 13, 2014

Freedom. (Thank you, RIP, Tata Madiba)

"Waiting in line at the college cafeteria (2004, when I was studying in Cape Town), I noticed the lady behind me sobbing & asked her why... She talked about bygone days when "we couldn't line up this way". How there were separate lanes, benches, residential communities, etc. depending on one's skin color... 

Not the most gripping story I've heard in S.A., but it's one I can easily retell. The distance seemed farther & deeper. Years have passed after #NelsonMandela's anti-apartheid revolution, but his legacy goes on and continues to give hope. I mourn today with my #SouthAfrican family. 

 #RIP, thank you #TataMadiba for helping us understand true #freedom."

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