Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Opinionated si Koya

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"It's been a while since I last sent a #Balikbayan box to Phils. While my housemate was having one picked up, the men were asking, "Nasaan na si Faith? (Where's Faith?)" I dunno why, maybe because I used to always give them food, but I was right by the main gate & didn't feel like talking... til I requested for an empty box. Kuya asked my name for the receipt, & I said, "Faith!" He looked too shocked! #whatintheworld 

K: "Ikaw si Faith!??"; 
F: "Uh? Opo... Kuya, baka mga after 2 months ko pa ipa-pick-up yung box. Ok lang po yun?; 
K: (While leaving; #serious) "Oo. #PATABA KA MUNA." (Then shuts door) 

#whaaat #hahaha #dikamiclose #butOK #ofwlife #papparoti #laughtrip"

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