Tuesday, April 1, 2014

(What happens when serious people hang with me:))

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"No work today (which explains the bright colors), but I came in to help out with some papers. I typed without looking, then checked, "Whoa, are you blind" #giant #font! 

In his 60's, I call him uncle in private, very hard working... I hate when people take advantage of men as nice as him... Well. The funny part... Finally got him to take a break, & we were checking online shops... Then a superior pops out of nowhere & sees him doing this :)) #cantexplain #hilarity #haha After he left, we could barely breathe laughing hysterically, [SILENTLY]! Because it was in that rare relaxed minute, when someone actually notices him #lol #youhadtobethere He's humorous about it. Plus, it's uncommon to even smile around here, which made it even funnier. #awkward 

#omegadeville #watchwednesday"

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