Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I'm Not the Complaint Dept. but OK...

"2 colleagues were explaining themselves to me after SB was displeased... Nice men. All I said, in a straight manner, "That's touching. But everything you said... does not affect my life in any way." #Haha (inside). I just wanted them to stop being overly defensive! 

But when SB privately asked me... I only replied with pertinent, honest, good words (about them). // I haven't followed up with those men, don't plan to really, but obviously their situation improved soon after my SB moment... So lunchtime, I got a generous striploin steak meal delivered to me, from 1 of them. Is that a #ThankYouGift fitting for a lady?? #LOL Loved it anyhow:) 

Out of work, I'd be in awww-mode. But during... barely friendly, almost someone else really. So different that I'm just starting to get to know myself. 

#ActionsSpeakLouder #Boss. #workiswork #Give #CreditToWhomCreditIsDue 💎"

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