Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Life Realities (haha)

"I had dinner prior... But still, was so hungry after this party... 1) They didn't serve food. 2) They didn't serve food. T,T 😂 I didn't wanna stay long (not because they didn't serve food #HAHA should I say it again...) ✌️ 

Anyway, I headed to some 24/7 food joint + grocery. Took forever to hail a cab; decided to walk half way home, eating chips & cookies (+ 1.5 ltr. water), pushing a cart with all my stuff like a homeless person. And to think, a gentleman told me earlier how he's seen me before & that I'm an "elegant woman". 

#OhWell #sorrytodisappoint :D #sigh #weekend (P.S. Vit! Look who was here too:)"


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